Almost every GP that I know is now using a label printer. These things are great! Click and you have your blood labels and forms sorted in seconds! The one thing that I noticed with these things was ,what I called manager label anxiety , these were not cheap and was genuinely causing heartache when trying to save the practice money. I never gave it much thought (as I wasn’t paying for the labels at the time)

Fast forward a few months, and I was the one buying the label printers and those pesky labels. Shock horror when I saw the quotations, how much , and plus VAT!? Bottom line was that these printers were going to cost me about €150 each plus VAT and the labels almost €150 + VAT for 10 rolls! No wonder this was an issue! So I did what most people would do, googled it and when that failed I put it on my amazon app and boom! FIFTy pounds! That’s €55! So I bought 4 printers for the cost of one! Then came the shocker, the labels – 20 Rolls for £23 so that’s €25 for 20 rolls vs €150 + vat for 10! and they work! In total, I saved about €600 for my practice!

So, my friends, colleagues, and managers, I implore you to shop around when buying practice consumables. The savings are huge! ( even when the pound isn’t in the dumps) I hope you found this useful and that reading this will save you some money. Do subscribe below if you found it useful and would like to be updated on future posts like. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions or comments.


Dr. Rukshan Goonewardena