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GPLife is a leading platform created specifically for General Practitioners in Ireland.

At GPLife, we recognize that there are very few resources available to GPs in terms of knowledge exchange and general information. GPLife was born out of a desire to improve the already exceptional service provided by General Practitioners in Ireland by covering a wide range of useful and relevant topics such as, practice management, job hunting, nurse hiring and much more.

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Rukshan Goonewardena, GPLife makes it incredibly easy for GPs to find and share information. From training to retirement, whether you require information on what to include in your staff handbook and safety policy, or whether you are an experienced GP and wish to share content with others on our central platform, we welcome everyone as members of the greater Irish GP community!

Because GPLife believes strongly in continuous professional improvement,we also invite expert contributors to articles in scientific fields as well as authors on other, non clinical topics that are of much use to General Practitioners, nurses, practice managers and administrative staff.



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