Gone are the days when, once qualified, a GP in Ireland was left to their own devices, having to figure out for themselves the best way forward career-wise. GPLife is an innovative, new platform that connects GPs throughout Ireland, providing them with useful and relevant information on a wide range of topics.

Entering general practice can be highly rewarding as long as you know what you are doing. However, newly-trained General Practitioners often find that they require practical advice such as, how to hire a practice nurse, how to draw up GP partnership agreements, how to choose the ideal GP receptionist, advice on practice management and whether or not it would be best to work as a GP locum or as a GP partner.

GPLife offers insightful content and information on all these topics and members also have the unique opportunity of networking with likeminded medical professionals in their area, which has been unheard of until now.

In addition to the informative advice provided on GPLife, the site also offers interviews of General Practitioners in key roles within Ireland and around the world, as well as editorial pieces on general practice and health care in Ireland.

Continuous professional improvement is also a key element of GPLife and, to this end, the site constantly covers updates and information pieces for practice nurses and practice managers to keep them unto date on all thelatest developments in the field of general medical practice administration.

GPLife believes that General Practitioners in Ireland already provide an exceptional level of medical care and thus deserve to have a high quality, central platform on which they can enjoy further honing their skills.